30 Days of Night: Dark Days
Title: 30 Days of Night: Dark Days
Release year: 2010
Country: United States
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Director: Ben Ketai
Stars: Kiele Sanchez, Rhys Coiro, Diora Baird
Rating: 2/5

After surviving the incidents in Barrow, Alaska, Stella Oleson relocates to Los Angeles, where she intentionally attracts the attention of the local vampire population in order to avenge the death of her husband, Eben.

30 Days of Night
2.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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A Pale Imitation: 30 Days of Night: Dark Days


“30 Days of Night: Dark Days” (2010) tries to recapture the chilling atmosphere of the original film, but falls short in its execution. While the premise holds promise – Stella Oleson, a survivor of the Alaskan vampire onslaught, seeks revenge in Los Angeles – the movie suffers from a weak script and forgettable characters.

Kiele Sanchez does her best as Stella, channeling grief and rage, but the supporting cast fails to leave much of an impression. The plot takes predictable turns, and the action sequences lack the intensity of the first film. The special effects, while decent for a direct-to-DVD release, can’t elevate the overall experience.

Fans of the original “30 Days of Night” might find some nostalgic enjoyment in revisiting the world and its terrifying vampires. However, for newcomers or those seeking a genuinely scary movie, “Dark Days” is a disappointment. It lacks the suspense, originality, and well-developed characters that made the first film a success.

**If you’re looking for a good vampire horror movie, stick with the 2007 original. “30 Days of Night: Dark Days” is strictly for die-hard fans who might be curious about Stella’s fate, but even for them, it’s a forgettable sequel.**

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