A Higher Law
Title: A Higher Law
Original title: Balaur
Release year: 2021
Countries: Germany, Romania, Serbia
Genre: Thriller
Director: Octav Chelaru
Stars: Mãlina Manovici, Alexandru Papadopol, Sergiu Smerea
Rating: 4/5

Ecaterina, a high school Religion teacher and wife of the town priest, gets involved with Iuliu, a 16-year-old student with a troubled past. Ecaterina tries to keep him under control, but she loses her own sense of control in this process.

4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

Forbidden Morality: A Higher Law Review


A Higher Law, originally titled Balaur, delves into a complex and disturbing territory. Ecaterina, a seemingly pious woman with the title of religion teacher and wife of a priest, finds herself drawn to Iuliu, a troubled student burdened by his past. This forbidden relationship between a teacher and a minor forms the core of the movie, directed by Octav Chelaru.

The film excels in portraying the protagonist’s moral conflict. Ecaterina attempts to control the situation, perhaps out of a misguided sense of helping Iuliu or a desperate search for fulfillment. However, this facade crumbles as the lines between desire and control blur. Mãlina Manovici delivers a captivating performance as Ecaterina, showcasing the character’s internal struggle.

While some might find the pacing slow, A Higher Law rewards viewers with its exploration of faith, forbidden desires, and the complexities of human relationships.

**Score:** 4 out of 5

AKA: A Higher Law,Balaur,Felsőbb törvény,Une loi supérieure,Yüksek Hukuk,Ανωτέρα δύναμη,Высший закон,어 하이어 로
Alexandru Papadopol,Ana Maria Moldovan,Codrina Patru,Gabriel Anton,Gabriel Spahiu,Ilinca Harnut,Ioana Ilinca Neacsu,Kostas Mincu,Mãlina Manovici,Marian Râlea,Mihai Ripan,Oana Stefanescu,Octavian Costin,Richard Bovnoczki,Sergiu Smerea,Tiberiu Enache,Voicu Dumitras