A Mouthful of Air
Title: A Mouthful of Air
Release year: 2021
Country: United States
Genre: Drama
Director: Amy Koppelman
Stars: Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Katz, Christian Kutz
Rating: 3/5

Julie Davis writes bestselling children’s books about unlocking your fears, but has yet to unlock her own. When her daughter is born, that trauma is brought to the fore, and with it, a crushing battle to survive.

3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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A Mother's Silent Struggle: A Mouthful of Air Review


“A Mouthful of Air” dives into the depths of postpartum depression through the character of Julie Davis, a successful children’s book author who battles a hidden darkness. Amanda Seyfried delivers a powerful performance as Julie, whose seemingly perfect life crumbles after the birth of her second child.

The film excels in portraying the emotional isolation and despair that can accompany postpartum depression. Julie’s struggle feels genuine, and Seyfried masterfully conveys the character’s descent into overwhelming sadness.

However, the movie treads familiar territory in its exploration of mental illness. While the central performance is strong, the narrative itself lacks the depth to fully explore Julie’s past trauma. Hints are given towards a troubled childhood, but these elements feel underdeveloped, leaving the audience wanting more.

Overall, “A Mouthful of Air” is a well-acted drama that sheds light on a serious topic. While it may not break new ground narratively, the film’s emotional honesty and Seyfried’s performance make it a worthwhile watch for those seeking a raw portrayal of postpartum depression.

AKA: A Mouthful of Air,Egy falatnyi levegő,Łapiąc oddech,Le souffle coupé,L'ombra del passato,Respire Fundo,Um Punhado de Ar,Un Respiro En La Oscuridad,Глоток воздуха,어 마우스풀 오브 에어,一息尚存,星の消えた空に
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