Blood for Dust
Title: Blood for Dust
Release year: 2023
Country: United States
Director: Rod Blackhurst
Stars: Scoot McNairy, Kit Harington, Josh Lucas
Rating: 4/5

Cliff, a traveling salesman drowning under the weight of providing for his family and the myth of the American dream, finds himself on a dangerous path after a chance encounter with Ricky, a colleague from a dark past.

4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

Desperation Drives Violence in Bleak Neo-Noir "Blood for Dust"


Blood for Dust isn’t your flashy action flick. It’s a slow burn, a neo-noir descent into the desperation of a man clinging to the American dream. Scoot McNairy delivers a powerful performance as Cliff, a traveling salesman weighed down by the burden of providing for his family. A chance encounter with a shady former colleague, Ricky (Kit Harington), throws Cliff a lifeline – or so it seems.

The film excels in portraying the bleakness of Cliff’s situation. The vast Montana landscapes only amplify his sense of isolation. Director Rod Blackhurst crafts a deliberate pace that mirrors Cliff’s mounting desperation. While some may find it slow, this patient approach allows the tension to build steadily.

Don’t expect a body count to rival a shoot-em-up. The violence in Blood for Dust is sudden and brutal, a stark reminder of the consequences of Cliff’s choices. The performances are strong across the board, with McNairy anchoring the film. While Harington’s role is smaller, he makes a memorable impact.

Blood for Dust won’t be for everyone. However, those seeking a character-driven crime drama with a neo-noir atmosphere will find much to appreciate. Just be prepared for a slow burn with a heavy dose of desperation.

AKA: Blood for Dust,Кровь в обмен на пыль
Algin Mendez,Amber Rose Mason,Blake de Pastino,Chris Mullinax,Cody Wartman,Col Jim Peterson,Eli Rogala,Ethan Suplee,Everett Blunck,Gabriel Clark,Gerald Penn,Golden Garnick,J.D. Hoppe,Jackson T. Scott,Jeff Medley,Joe Wayne,John Budge,John Hosking,Josh Lucas,Kit Harington,Megan Folsom,Nora Zehetner,Robert Majerus,Ross O'Connor,Russ Tiller,Scoot McNairy,Scott McCauley,Selim Sandoval,Stan Smith,Stephen Dorff,Travis W Bruyer