Day of the Wacko
Title: Day of the Wacko
Original title: Dzien swira
Release year: 2002
Country: Poland
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director: Marek Koterski
Stars: Marek Kondrat, Janina Traczykówna, Andrzej Grabowski
Rating: 4/5

24 hours in the bitter life of a frustrated divorced teacher who stays in the vicious circle of his numerous obsessions.

4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

A Hilariously Bleak Look at Midlife Misery: Day of the Wacko


Day of the Wacko, also known by its original Polish title Dzien swira, is a 2002 film that takes you on a dark comedic journey through 24 hours in the life of Adam Miauczyński (Marek Kondrat). Adam is a divorced teacher, brimming with frustration and bitterness. Trapped in a cycle of obsessions, he lashes out at the world around him, from his disrespectful students to his ex-wife.

This Polish film isn’t afraid to delve into the depths of Adam’s discontent. While the comedic moments arise from his outrageous behavior, there’s a strong undercurrent of sadness as we see a man grappling with wasted opportunities and loneliness. The humor can be crude at times, but it perfectly reflects Adam’s unraveling mental state.

However, it’s worth noting that some of the film’s references might be lost on viewers unfamiliar with Polish culture and history. Despite that, the core themes of disappointment, regret, and the human condition remain universally relatable.

If you’re looking for a lighthearted comedy, Day of the Wacko might not be your best choice. But for those who appreciate dark humor and a deep dive into a complex character, this film offers a rewarding cinematic experience.

AKA: A bolond egy napja,Day of the Wacko,Der Tag eines Spinners,Dzien swira,Dzień świra,The Day of the Freak,Wacko的一天,Ziua nebunului,День психа,强迫男的一天
Aleksander Bednarz,Andrzej Beja-Zaborski,Andrzej Grabowski,Andrzej Mastalerz,Anna Gornostaj,Anna Muszynska,Anna Powierza,Anna Przybylska,Anna Wojton,Barbara Poznanski,Boguslaw Sar,Bozena Dykiel,Cezary Pazura,Cezary Studniak,Cezary Zak,Dariusz Krysiak,Dorota Chotecka,Eliza Ryciak,Elzbieta Jarosik,Ewa Zietek,Henryk Golebiewski,Ilona Ostrowska,Ireneusz Koziol,Ireneusz Machnicki,Jacek Piotrowski,Jacek Rózanski,Jan Jurewicz,Janina Traczykówna,Janusz Hamerszmit,Joanna Jedrejek,Joanna Kurowska,Joanna Sienkiewicz,Karolina Trebacz,Katarzyna Ankudowicz,Katarzyna Skrzypek,Katarzyna Zielinska,Krystyna Czubówna,Krystyna Tkacz,Leszek Abrahamowicz,Maciej Tomaszewski,Maciej Wilewski,Magdalena Szczerbowska,Malgorzata Bereza,Malgorzata Fijalkowska,Malgorzata Majewska,Malgorzata Scislowicz,Malgorzata Werner,Marcin Klepacki,Marcin Tronski,Marek Kondrat,Maria Ciunelis,Michal Koterski,Monika Donner-Trelinska,Monika Jarosinska,Patrycja Soliman,Piotr Bala,Piotr Fronczewski,Piotr Grabowski,Piotr Machalica,Slawomir Holland,Tomasz Sapryk,Tomasz Sobczak,Tomasz Wieczerzak,Violetta Arlak,Violetta Kolakowska,Waldemar Czyszak,Wojciech Kowman,Wojciech Mecwaldowski,Zbigniew Buczkowski,Zdzislaw Rychter,Zofia Merle
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