Einstein and the Bomb
Title: Einstein and the Bomb
Release year: 2024
Director: Anthony Philipson
Stars: Aidan McArdle, Andrew Havill, Rachel Barry
Rating: 3/5

What happened after Einstein fled Nazi Germany? Using archival footage and his own words, this docudrama dives into the mind of a tortured genius.

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A Look Inside a Tortured Genius: Einstein and the Bomb


“Einstein and the Bomb” is a 2024 documentary film by Anthony Philipson that delves into the life of Albert Einstein after he escaped Nazi Germany. Through a combination of archival footage and dramatizations of Einstein’s own thoughts and experiences, the film attempts to understand the internal struggles of a brilliant mind grappling with the potential consequences of his work.

The documentary effectively utilizes archival footage to place the viewer in the historical context of Einstein’s life. This is further enhanced by the dramatizations, which, while not featuring A-list actors (Aidan McArdle, Andrew Havill, Rachel Barry), effectively portray the emotional turmoil Einstein likely experienced.

However, “Einstein and the Bomb” might leave some viewers wanting more. The film focuses primarily on Einstein’s internal struggles and doesn’t delve deeply into the technical aspects of the atomic bomb or the wider political climate surrounding its development.

Overall, “Einstein and the Bomb” is a thought-provoking documentary that offers a glimpse into the mind of a complex genius. While it may not be exhaustive in its exploration of the topic, it is a worthwhile watch for anyone interested in science, history, or the ethical considerations surrounding scientific discovery.

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Aidan McArdle,Albert Einstein,Andrew Havill,Gethin Alderman,Helena Westerman,James Musgrave,Jay Lewis Mitchell,Jonathan Rhodes,Leo Ashizawa,Rachel Barry,Simon Haines,Simon Markey,Toby Longworth