Title: Ferrari
Release year: 2023
Director: Michael Mann
Stars: Adam Driver, Shailene Woodley, Giuseppe Festinese
Rating: 4/5

Set in the summer of 1957, with Enzo Ferrari’s auto empire in crisis, the ex-racer turned entrepreneur pushes himself and his drivers to the edge as they launch into the Mille Miglia, a treacherous 1,000-mile race across Italy.

4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

Full Speed into Crisis: A Review of Ferrari (2023)


Michael Mann’s “Ferrari” throws us behind the wheel of a high-octane drama fueled by ambition, loss, and the relentless pursuit of victory. Set against the backdrop of Enzo Ferrari’s (Adam Driver) struggling auto empire in 1957, the film chronicles the legendary car designer’s push to win the treacherous Mille Miglia, a 1,000-mile race across Italy.

Driver delivers a powerhouse performance as the passionate and volatile Enzo, a man haunted by past tragedies and determined to prove himself. The supporting cast, including Shailene Woodley and Giuseppe Festinese, provides depth to the emotional core of the film.

Mann masterfully captures the raw intensity of the Mille Miglia, placing the audience right in the heart of the breakneck competition. The roar of the engines and the stunning Italian scenery combine to create a truly immersive experience.

However, “Ferrari” isn’t simply a racing flick. It delves into the complexities of Enzo’s personal life, exploring the tensions between his drive for success and the human cost it exacts. The film doesn’t shy away from portraying the darker aspects of his personality, making him a more compelling, if not entirely likeable, character.

**Score: 4 out of 5**

While the film might not be for everyone, particularly those seeking a more lighthearted racing story, “Ferrari” is a visually stunning and emotionally charged journey into the world of a legendary figure. It’s a must-watch for fans of Michael Mann’s distinct style and those interested in a deeper exploration of ambition and the price of success.

AKA: Enzo Ferrari,Ferrari,Феррари,Феррарі,フェラーリ,恩佐·法拉利,法拉利,法拉利 FERRARI,法拉利传
Adam Driver,Agnese Brighittini,Alex Tonti,Andrea Bruschi,Andrea Dolente,Brett Smrz,Erik Haugen,Gabriel Leone,Gianfilippo Grasso,Giuseppe Bonifati,Giuseppe Russo,Jack O'Connell,Leonardo Caimi,Lino Musella,Luca Della Valle,Massi Furlan,Michele Savoia,Patrick Dempsey,Penélope Cruz,Peter Arpesella,Samuel Hubinette,Sarah Gadon,Shailene Woodley,Tommaso Basili,Valentina Bellè,Wyatt Carnel