Force of Nature: The Dry 2
Title: Force of Nature: The Dry 2
Release year: 2024
Country: United States
Director: Robert Connolly
Stars: Eric Bana, Anna Torv, Deborra-Lee Furness
Rating: 3/5

Five women go on a hiking retreat, but only four come out the other side. Federal agents Aaron Falk and Carmen Cooper head into the mountains, hoping to find their informant still alive.

The Dry
3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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A Less Dried Up Mystery: A Review of Force of Nature: The Dry 2


“Force of Nature: The Dry 2” brings Eric Bana’s Aaron Falk back for another round of outback investigation, but this time the aridity is replaced by a dense mystery surrounding a missing woman on a corporate hiking retreat.

The movie follows a familiar format: a seemingly simple disappearance spirals into a complex web of secrets and past traumas. The performances, especially Bana’s portrayal of the haunted Falk, are strong. The new setting, a rain-soaked wilderness, is a refreshing contrast to the arid landscapes of the first film.

However, “Force of Nature: The Dry 2″ doesn’t quite capture the lightning in a bottle of its predecessor. Some critics argue that the title is misleading, as the film lacks the direct connection to the central mystery of the first film. Also, the juggling of multiple timelines and suspects can feel overwhelming at times.

While not a groundbreaking sequel, Force of Nature: The Dry 2” offers a compelling neo-noir mystery with solid performances and a change of scenery. If you enjoyed the first movie and don’t mind a slightly less impressive story, this sequel might be worth a look.

AKA: Force of Nature,Force of Nature: Oltre l'inganno,Force of Nature: The Dry 2,Susza 2: Force of Nature,Αγρια φύση,Город тайн: Исчезнувшая
Anna Torv,Archie Thomson,Ash Ricardo,Brendan Green,Deborra-Lee Furness,Eric Bana,Ingrid Torelli,Jacqueline McKenzie,Jeremy Lindsay Taylor,Kenneth Radley,Lucy Ansell,Matilda May Pawsey,Richard Roxburgh,Robin McLeavy,Sam Arnold,Samantha Jones,Sisi Stringer,Tony Briggs