Title: Geminis
Original title: Géminis
Release year: 2005
Countries: Argentina, France
Genre: Drama
Director: Albertina Carri
Stars: Cristina Banegas, Daniel Fanego, Lucas Escariz
Rating: 4/5

A domineering mother with a seemingly perfect family in Argentina, is unaware of a taboo relationship happening between her youngest twin children.

4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

A Family's Dark Secret: A Review of Geminis (Géminis)


Geminis, the 2005 Argentinian drama directed by Albertina Carri, delves into the unsettling world of a seemingly perfect family harboring a dark secret. Cristina Banegas delivers a powerful performance as the domineering mother, oblivious to the taboo relationship blossoming between her youngest twin children.

The film’s strength lies in its exploration of complex family dynamics. Carri masterfully portrays the stifling control the mother exerts, creating a facade of normalcy that crumbles as the truth emerges. The twins, played by Lucas Escariz, are caught in a web of desire and confusion, their forbidden bond adding a layer of tension to the narrative.

While the film doesn’t shy away from the uncomfortable nature of the twins’ relationship, it avoids sensationalism. Instead, it focuses on the emotional turmoil it creates within the family unit. The performances are all excellent, with Banegas and Escariz particularly captivating.

However, the film’s pacing can feel slow at times, and the ending may leave some viewers wanting more resolution. Overall, Geminis is a thought-provoking drama that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

**Score: 4 out of 5**

AKA: Bliźnięta,Decir tu nombre,Didymoi,Gémeaux,Geminis,Géminis,Incest,İkizler Burcu,Ridegség,亲密有罪,妹の唇,親近有罪
Analía Couceyro,Beatriz Spelzini,Carla Gregori,Carlos Durañona,Celeste García Satur,Cristina Banegas,Damián Ramonda,Daniel Burghi,Daniel Fanego,Daniela Coseglia,Esteban Meloni,Francisco Bass,Gogó Andreu,Ian Jamui,Julieta Zylberberg,Luana Carou,Lucas Escariz,Luciano Suardi,Lucrecia Capello,María Abadi,Mercedes Quinteros,Silvia Baylé,Susana Pampín,Vivi Tellas