Grand Jeté
Title: Grand Jeté
Release year: 2022
Country: Germany
Genre: Drama
Director: Isabelle Stever
Stars: Sarah Nevada Grether, Emil von Schönfels, Susanne Bredehöft
Rating: 3/5

In order to concentrate on her career, a ballet teacher lives estranged from her young son, who grew up with her mother. When she meets him again after years, an affection develops that goes far beyond maternal love.

3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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A Disquieting Dance: A Review of Grand Jeté


Grand Jeté, a 2022 German drama directed by Isabelle Stever, explores the unsettling territory of forbidden love. Sarah Nevada Grether delivers a powerful performance as Nadja, a renowned ballet teacher who sacrifices her relationship with her son, Yuri (Emil von Schönfels), to pursue her artistic dreams. Years later, when their paths reconnect, a disturbing intimacy blossoms between them.

The film excels in its portrayal of the psychological toll Nadja’s ambition takes. The camera lingers on her aging body, a stark contrast to the grace she commands in flashbacks of her ballet prime. This visual metaphor effectively communicates the sacrifices she’s made. However, the central relationship between Nadja and Yuri is undeniably complex and may leave some viewers uncomfortable. Stever treads a thin line, and the film’s impact hinges on your tolerance for ambiguity.

Grand Jeté is a well-acted and beautifully shot film, but its unconventional narrative and thematic content won’t resonate with everyone.

AKA: Grand Jete,Grand Jeté,Grand Jette,Гран жете,Ґран-жете,그랑 저테,华丽的越步
Anke Stelling,Anne Presting,Carl Hegemann,Ellen Müller,Emil von Schönfels,Eva Medusa Gühne,Jule Böwe,Lukas Lonski,Maya Kornev,Sarah Nevada Grether,Sina Koburg,Stefan Rudolf,Susanne Bredehöft