May December
Title: May December
Release year: 2023
Country: United States
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Director: Todd Haynes
Stars: Natalie Portman, Chris Tenzis, Charles Melton
Rating: 4/5

Twenty years after their notorious tabloid romance gripped the nation, a married couple buckles under pressure when an actress arrives to do research for a film about their past.

4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

A Simmering Unease: A Review of May December


Todd Haynes’ “May December” is not your typical Hollywood drama. This 2023 film delves into the complexities of a past scandal, the burden of fame, and the line between empathy and exploitation.

Natalie Portman delivers a captivating performance as Elizabeth Berry, an actress determined to portray Gracie Atherton (Julianne Moore) – one half of a couple whose May-December romance became tabloid fodder two decades prior. Gracie, now married to the much younger Derek (Charles Melton), agrees to meet Elizabeth, but their encounters unearth a tangle of unresolved emotions and raise questions about Elizabeth’s true motives.

While the film is categorized as a comedy-drama, the humor leans dark and satirical. Haynes masterfully uses Elizabeth’s research process to explore the media’s obsession with scandal and the difficulty of separating truth from sensationalism. The audience is left grappling with uncomfortable questions about forgiveness and the lasting impact of past choices.

“May December” is not a feel-good movie. The pacing is deliberate, and the story prioritizes character development over plot twists. However, Haynes’ superb direction and the stellar performances, particularly by Portman and Moore, create a simmering unease that keeps you engaged.

This film is recommended for those who appreciate thought-provoking dramas and nuanced portrayals of complex characters. If you’re looking for a light and easy watch, however, you might want to steer clear.

AKA: Bir Skandalın Peşinde,Hatzatza La'Yakhasim,Mai ja detsember,May December,May December: Segredos de Um Escândalo,Obsesja,Secretos de un Escandalo,Secretos de un escándalo,Segredos de um Escândalo,Май декабрь,Травень, грудень,五月十二月,五月的你,十二月的她
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