My Summer Story
Title: My Summer Story
Original title: It Runs in the Family
Release year: 1994
Country: United States
Genres: Comedy, Family
Director: Bob Clark
Stars: Charles Grodin, Kieran Culkin, Mary Steenburgen
Rating: 3/5

In this sequel to A Christmas Story (1983), it is now summer in the Parker family and the usual number of events is happening in their separate lives.

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Summer Antics and Bumpus Blues: A Review of My Summer Story (1994)


Sequels often struggle to recapture the magic of the original, and “My Summer Story,” the second follow-up to the holiday classic “A Christmas Story,” is no exception. While it lacks the sheer quotability and iconic status of its predecessor, it’s a pleasant, nostalgic trip back into the Parker family’s world, with enough laughs and heartwarming moments to make it a worthwhile journey.

The film swaps snowdrifts for sunshine, trading Christmas cheer for summertime squabbles. While Ralphie (the ever-adorable Kieran Culkin) hunts for the ultimate top to vanquish bully Scut Farkus, the Old Man (a delightfully grumpy Charles Grodin) wages war against the Bumpuses, a neighboring family whose hillbilly antics escalate with each passing scene. Meanwhile, Mrs. Parker (Mary Steenburgen, radiating sitcom-mom energy) embarks on a mission to complete a glass china collection through a series of increasingly absurd movie theater promotions.

“My Summer Story” doesn’t have a singular, tightly woven plot; it’s more a collection of loosely connected vignettes, each capturing the essence of small-town summertime. We see the joy of bike rides, the sting of disappointment, the awkwardness of first crushes, and the enduring love between a father and son, all coated in a thick layer of quirky humor.

The laughs come courtesy of Grodin’s masterful delivery of insult-laden dialogue, the Bumpuses’ escalating ridiculousness, and the sheer absurdity of some situations (a pie-eating contest gone wrong, anyone?). It’s a brand of humor that’s silly, slapstick, and undeniably charming, even if it occasionally veers into groan-worthy territory.

But beneath the silliness lies a genuine warmth. The Parker family’s dynamic remains endearing, their bickering laced with affection. We see Ralphie’s vulnerability and the Old Man’s gruff exterior softening with tenderness. It’s a reminder that even amidst summer squabbles and Bumpus-induced chaos, love prevails.

“My Summer Story” might not reach the heights of “A Christmas Story,” but it’s a welcome return to a beloved world. It’s a film that embraces the simple pleasures of summertime, reminding us of the joy of family, the thrill of conquering a nemesis (with a top, no less!), and the laughter that erupts even when life throws pies in your face. So, if you’re looking for a lighthearted, nostalgic trip down memory lane, grab a glass of milk and a plate of cookies, and settle in for some summertime Parker shenanigans.

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