Noce blanche
Title: Noce blanche
Release year: 1989
Country: France
Genres: Drama, Romance
Director: Jean-Claude Brisseau
Stars: Vanessa Paradis, Bruno Cremer, Ludmila Mikaël
Rating: 4/5

A teacher of philosophy encounters a complicated pupil; a seventeen year old girl who possesses quite a cynical view of the world. He attempts to help her focus on her studies, but soon becomes fascinated by her. They fall passionately in love. When the teacher is forced to choose between her and his Wife, complications ensue when the Girl refuses to accept his decision.

4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

General information


“Noce Blanche” is a 1989 French film directed by Jean-Claude Brisseau. The film stars Vanessa Paradis in her debut film role, and it is known for its controversial subject matter and its exploration of complex relationships.

The story revolves around a passionate and forbidden romance between a high school student named Mathilde (played by Vanessa Paradis) and her literature teacher, François Hainaut (played by Bruno Cremer). Mathilde is a troubled and rebellious teenager who becomes infatuated with her teacher, and their relationship takes a more intimate turn.

Here’s a brief review of “Noce Blanche”:

1. Performances: Vanessa Paradis delivers a remarkable performance in her debut role, capturing the vulnerability and intensity of her character. Bruno Cremer also impresses with his portrayal of a teacher who finds himself in a morally questionable situation.

2. Controversial Themes: The film explores themes of love, desire, and morality, and it doesn’t shy away from the controversial nature of the student-teacher relationship. It delves into the complexities of human emotions and desires, which can be uncomfortable for some viewers.

3. Direction and Cinematography: Jean-Claude Brisseau’s direction and the cinematography create an atmospheric and intimate feel throughout the film. The setting and camera work effectively convey the intensity of the characters’ emotions.

4. Reception: “Noce Blanche” received mixed reviews upon its release. Some praised it for its bold exploration of taboo subjects, while others criticized it for its controversial content. The film’s reception can vary greatly depending on individual perspectives and sensibilities.

In conclusion, “Noce Blanche” is a thought-provoking and controversial film that explores the complexities of human relationships and desires. It is notable for Vanessa Paradis’ debut performance and its willingness to address a challenging and sensitive subject matter. However, its content may not be suitable for all viewers, and its reception remains divisive.

AKA: Baby Blue,Białe małżeństwo,Boda blanca,Boda Branca,Forbudt kærlighed,Forbudt kjærlighet,Noce blanche,Weiße Hochzeit,White Wedding,Белая свадьба,Бяла сватба,白い婚礼
Agnès Lemercier,Arnaud Goujon,Benoît Muracciole,Bruno Cremer,Carine Loubeau,François Négret,Jean Dasté,Ludmila Mikaël,Philippe Tuin,Pierre Gabaston,Vanessa Paradis,Véronique Silver