The Client List
Title: The Client List
Release year: 2010
Country: United States
Genre: Drama
Director: Eric Laneuville
Stars: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Teddy Sears, Sonja Bennett
Rating: 3/5

A young woman takes a job at a massage parlor to support her family when her husband is unable to work, and soon finds her life spiraling out of control.

3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good0%

Desperate Measures: A Review of The Client List


The Client List explores a complex situation through the eyes of Samantha (Jennifer Love Hewitt), a Texas housewife forced into desperate measures. Facing financial hardship after her husband’s injury, Samantha takes a job at a massage parlor. However, the parlor’s “extra services” soon become a moral tightrope for Samantha, caught between providing for her family and compromising her values.

The film tackles a sensitive subject with a mix of sincerity and melodrama. Hewitt delivers a sympathetic performance, portraying Samantha’s struggle to balance her love for her family with the shame and secrecy of her new reality. The supporting cast, including Cybill Shepherd as Samantha’s sassy mother, adds some lighter moments, though these can feel at odds with the film’s darker themes.

While the premise offers potential for a nuanced exploration of female agency and economic hardship, The Client List occasionally falls into predictable Lifetime movie tropes. The emotional beats can feel manipulative at times, and the resolution leans towards a happily-ever-after that might not resonate with everyone.

Overall, The Client List is a watchable drama with a strong central performance by Hewitt. However, its familiar Lifetime trappings and somewhat pat resolution keep it from reaching its full potential. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking character study, this might not be it. But for fans of melodramatic tales with a touch of social commentary, The Client List offers a decent evening’s entertainment.

AKA: A Lista Indiscreta,Die Liste,Kliendinimekiri,La Double Vie de Samantha,La lista dei clienti,Lista clientilor,Lista klientów,The Client List,Uma Mulher de Coragem,Ügyféllista,Клиентски списък,Список клиентов,Список клієнтів,クライアント・リスト ザ・ムービー
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