Title: Valkyrie
Release year: 2008
Director: Bryan Singer
Stars: Tom Cruise, Bill Nighy, Carice van Houten
Rating: 4/5

A dramatization of the July 20, 1944 assassination and political coup plot by desperate renegade German Army officers against Adolf Hitler during World War II.

4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

General information


“Valkyrie” is a 2008 historical thriller film directed by Bryan Singer. The film is based on the true story of the July 20, 1944, assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler by German officers within the Wehrmacht, led by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, played by Tom Cruise in the movie.

The film received mixed reviews from both critics and audiences. Here’s a general overview of its reception:

**Positive Aspects:**

1. **Production Design and Cinematography:** Many reviewers praised the film’s production design and cinematography for effectively recreating the atmosphere of Nazi Germany and the tense political climate of the time.

2. **Tom Cruise’s Performance:** While there were initial concerns about Tom Cruise’s casting as the German officer, many critics appreciated his performance as Colonel Stauffenberg. He portrayed the character’s determination and conflicted emotions reasonably well.

3. **Historical Accuracy:** The film was commended for its efforts to accurately depict the events and details of the assassination plot and the inner workings of the German resistance.

**Negative Aspects:**

1. **Accents and Casting Choices:** One of the most significant criticisms of the film was the decision to have actors, including Tom Cruise, use their natural American or British accents rather than attempting German accents. This choice was distracting and contributed to a lack of authenticity.

2. **Pacing and Tension:** Some critics felt that the film’s pacing was uneven, which affected the buildup of tension and suspense. The assassination plot itself, despite being a historical event with high stakes, didn’t always translate into edge-of-your-seat excitement.

3. **Lack of Emotional Connection:** While the film depicted a significant historical event, some viewers found it challenging to connect emotionally with the characters due to the focus on the mechanics of the plot rather than developing deep relationships.

4. **Simplification of Complex Plot:** The real-life July 20 plot was intricate and involved numerous individuals and factors. Some critics felt that the film simplified the complexities of the plot and the motivations behind the characters’ actions.

In general, “Valkyrie” received a mixed critical reception. While it had some commendable aspects, including its production design and Cruise’s performance, it struggled to fully engage viewers due to issues like accents, pacing, and emotional depth. If you’re interested in historical dramas or World War II stories, you might find “Valkyrie” worth watching for its take on a lesser-known aspect of German resistance against the Nazi regime. However, it’s important to approach it with the understanding that it takes some creative liberties and might not provide a completely accurate portrayal of the events.

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