What Happened to Monday
Title: What Happened to Monday
Release year: 2017
Director: Tommy Wirkola
Stars: Noomi Rapace, Glenn Close, Willem Dafoe
Rating: 3/5

In a world where families are limited to one child due to overpopulation, a set of identical septuplets must avoid being put to a long sleep by the government and dangerous infighting while investigating the disappearance of one of their own.

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Seven in One: A Thrilling Tale of Identity and Rebellion in "What Happened to Monday"


“What Happened to Monday” takes viewers on a high-octane journey through a dystopian future grappling with overpopulation. In this world, one-child policies reign supreme, and seven identical septuplets, the Settman sisters, navigate a clandestine existence to avoid detection. Each day, a different sister steps out, assuming the shared identity of Monday through Sunday. But their carefully constructed life cracks when Monday vanishes, forcing the remaining sisters to unravel a sinister conspiracy while dodging the clutches of a ruthless government agency.

Noomi Rapace shines in this multi-faceted role, seamlessly delivering seven distinct personalities within a single body. From the athletic Tuesday to the reserved Thursday, each sister displays nuanced mannerisms and quirks, drawing the audience into their web of deception and desperation. The film keeps you guessing as the sisters juggle their individual routines while piecing together the mystery of Monday’s disappearance. The plot twists and turns like a labyrinth, fueled by paranoia and the ever-present threat of exposure.

The action sequences are expertly choreographed, with Rapace performing impressive stunts that showcase the sisters’ diverse skillsets. From close-quarters combat to high-speed chases, the film delivers visceral thrills that complement the gripping narrative. Director Tommy Wirkola balances the action with moments of poignant intimacy, exploring the profound bond between the sisters and the emotional toll of their fragmented existence.

However, “What Happened to Monday” isn’t all action and mystery. The film delves into deeper themes of identity, individuality, and the fight for freedom in a society that values control over personal autonomy. The one-child policy raises disturbing questions about ethics and the consequences of such extreme measures. While the film doesn’t shy away from these complexities, it ultimately celebrates the power of sisterhood and the unyielding human spirit in the face of oppression.

Overall, “What Happened to Monday” is a thought-provoking and action-packed sci-fi thriller anchored by Rapace’s phenomenal performance. With its intricate plot, captivating mystery, and exploration of relevant societal issues, this film is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you pondering the consequences of a world with limited identities.

AKA: ¿Qué le pasó a Lunes?,7 sestier,7 soeurs,7 Zivotu,Chuyện Gì Xảy Ra Với Thứ Hai,Hét nővér,Onde Está Segunda?,Sapte surori,Șapte surori,Septiņu māsu noslēpums,Septynios seserys,Sete Irmãs,Seven Sisters,Siedem sióstr,Siete hermanas,Tajna broja 7,Tajna broja sedam,Was geschah am Montag?,What Happened to Monday,What Happened to Monday?,Yedinci Hayat,Τι συνέβη στη Δευτέρα,Какво се случи с Понеделник,Сім сестер,Тайна 7 сестёр,セブン・シスターズ,獵殺星期一
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